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Use PR To Build Credibility and Exposure

PR is a great tool for building huge amounts of attention for your brand at little or no cost. It is one journalist going to going to many and the credibility it delivers because it comes from an external party adds a value that can't be easily replicated by advertising and other marketing.

That said, when you seek PR exposure you are putting your marketing message in someone else's control. This means you need to have decided on the messages you are happy to promote and manage the process of follow-up to ensure you get the exposure you want.

Use a Marketing Adviser Rather Than Just A Writer

With PR being in someone else's control you could potentially spend a large amount of money and achieve little if you don't decide on role you want it to play in your marketing.

Rather than simply being writers our consultants have marketing and communications degrees. We know strategic value of PR and the stage of your business where PR can add the most value to your marketing mix. We will help you ensure the messages you deliver in your marketing and PR are aligned so that you extract the most benefit from your efforts.

When you achieve media exposure we will ensure it is used across your marketing to assist in maximising the value to the business.

Getting Better Value From Your PR, New Releases and New Product Launches

One way we can extract more value when we prepare news releases for you is to to modify the content so it can be used across mediums such as websites, brochures, sales kits and e-newsletters. This makes it more cost effecvtive for you as the tasks it all being done at once.

Talk to us about a packages of content copy writing in which we can produce for press releases, website copy, brochures and product promotions at the same time. This is ideal for new product launches and ensures content is update quickly across all your marketing mediums in the most cost effective way.

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