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The Tools For Building Repeat Business

Other websites would probably have separate pages for all the tools listed here. However, we know that these direct marketing mediums are all interrelated tools that are ideal for getting your clients to choose to buy from you again (and again and again).

It may seem like common sense but clients that have purchased from you once are your best targets for future business. Why? Because they have trusted you enough to buy once so you are more likely to get their trust again (even if they had a not-so-good experience first time).

However, a lack of planning and a lack of resources means that many businesses simply get too busy to contact their past customers. Even more critical, some businesses fail to put in place procedures to keep an up-to-date database of their clients.

What Tools Are Best?

Each tool of the repeat business suite has advantages and disadvantages. All have their uses in a properly laid out plan. Here are some of the most basic tools of building repeat business what to consider when using them:

Direct Mail

The advent of high technology systems caused some commentators to earmark direct mail for extermination. However, research is showing that consumers still love to receive news by 'snail-mail'.

Marketing advice is critical when doing any direct mail. Why? Because (in order of importance) it is list selection and the offer contained in the mailer, then the way it is written and then the graphical elements and packaging that determine success.

Direct Mail is expensive so coordinating these elements and getting the frequency of mailing just right is crucial.

Email Marketing

It is quick, it is cheap and you just have to use it. (By the way, sign up to ours now just to the right of screen). But there are some things you need to consider. Firstly, are you complying with anti-spam regulations. Enough said - it can get you in a lot of hot-water!

Next, do you know what content and how much content is ideal? Have you checked the research and have systems for learning what your customers want? Are you tracking key statistics? Are you trialling and tracking what works? Do you have the right email software for your needs?

These are just some of the questions that need to be addressed to get the optimum level of return from your email marketing.

Database And Customer Feedback Systems

Your database is crucial. In today's world this is your marketspace. What information you collect, how you get it into the system and how you build your database are critical marketing questions that need to answered. Good advice and setting up the systems right up front can save you a lot of time and money in the long-term.

Your customer feedback system is also crucial. How should you solicit feedback, how should you deal with the feedback and what feedback do you really need to know? A good starting point is getting a good set of questions ready and from there you can expand from there.

And a word of advice. Your database and customer feedback systems are nothing without the involvement of your staff. Make sure you have a plan for keep them motivated to be diligent!

Your Staff

Which brings us to your staff. They may be listed last but it is not related to their level of importance in building repeat business. It is simply so be stated that everything above can be enhanced by your staff. So getting them involved and rewarded is crucial.

Your staff are critical for building repeat business in a number of ways. How to maximise referrals is something you need to have in place in your system. How to maximise testimonials. What data you need to collect for future customer relationship management and what do you want them to be asking your customers.

These are some basic questions that need to answered to ensure you are maximising your chances of repeat sales. For more information on any of these topics please contact us.

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