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We Won't Just Make You Look Good - We'll help You Build A Meaningful & Useful Brand

Great design can make a small business look like one of the big boys, just as bad design can make a big player look ordinary. Design is a vital part of your marketing and branding strategy.

A brand is more than just a logo design. It is physical marker pointing to what a customer expects from dealing with you and using your products. So how you use design to set the appropriate perception for the customer needs a good understanding of marketing as well as design.

We will make you more attractive than your competitors...

...and help you create offers your customers can't refuse

Your design needs to sell. The temptation for the average person to achieve this is to cram as much information into the space as possible. In most cases you will find that less is more, and that a clear and concise message delivers much, much more in terms of results.

In deciding how to make more into less (so you can achieve more!) you need to make a decision on what you can deliver that will make a customer take the next step towards the sale. What can you do that will make a customer curious enough to contact you? What can you put on your website that will help you turn a reader into a prospect and eventually a prospect into a sale? How do you get them to respond?

Once you have this in place you need appropriate copy-writing skills to write this in a way that delivers the message you want in the least number of words.

You might be able to achieve everything at once but with some marketing knowledge behind a good looking branding you will create better results long term.

Use one source to get consistency

You need to have a gate-keeper with your brand. Someone that has the knowledge to say, "No, that isn't us. That doesn't match what our brand stands for." That is one of the key roles of a marketing manager will perform. If you haven't got a marketing manger then you need to decide who can get to perform that duty.

Why consistency is important is that the entire sum of your marketing efforts should speak a few very concise, clear and consistent messages. The different marketing mediums that you use should then lay down a path for your customer to the ultimate goal of making a sale.

By making sure you achieve consistency across everything you do you will deliver more impact and repetition of your message to your targets, which will create a higher chance that a prospect will act on your marketing.

We can get you better value from your printing

With years of experience in delivering marketing materials and design we have learnt that planning and preparation can save you lots and lots when it comes to printing. By planning your marketing needs over a longer term and printing them at the same time we can save you huge amounts on your printing.

Talk to us about your design needs and we can provide with a quote for design and the advice you need to get the best results.

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